Every year, Mecum Auctions sells a lot of vehicles, but the Las Vegas auction in January is the biggest event for motorcycles. From the vintage and antique motorcycles that are in the event's official name to off-the-wall customs, there's always a lot to see for motorcycle fans. Even if you think you've seen everything, chances are excellent that something will come along and surprise you. 

Take, for example, this custom machine that's clearly built just for Harley V-Twin fans. Is twice the Evo V-Twin engine twice as good? Clearly whoever built this bike thinks so, because those are the two beating hearts that power this extremely lengthy chopper. The serial numbers for the two engines used here are BKLX941710 and BKLX941902, incidentally.

Interestingly, Mecum lists this only as a "2005 Special Construction Custom," and doesn't seem to provide much information about the bike at all. There is a startup and short ride video provided, which demonstrates that it's both running and ridable at the time of listing.


The turning radius is, uh, extremely wide, as you can see in the video. Just looking at this bike while it's stationary, though, that's completely to be expected. Very little details other than the engine serial numbers are listed in this auction listing, so we can't tell you what the wheelbase is. We'd guess that whoever buys this won't be doing it for its cornering capabilities, though.

The 2024 Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction is scheduled to take place at the South Point Hotel and Casino from January 24 through 27, 2024. Over 2,000 motorcycles are currently planned to cross the stage. This 2005 Special Construction Custom is currently scheduled to hit the auction block on Thursday, January 25, 2024. 

If you're interested in this or any other customs, you should be aware that Mecum lists all its customs as "[Year] Special Construction" and then might have descriptor after those words as its official title.

At the time of writing, there are four other Special Construction bikes listed in this year's Las Vegas Mecum auction. They are listed as a 2007 Special Construction Chopper, a 2000 Special Construction Custom Chopper, a 2017 Special Construction Captain America Replica, and a 2023 Special Construction Softail. 

For more photos, information about the auction, or to register to bid, check out the link to this auction in our Sources.

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