Are you a fan of rally raids? Whether you're more interested in two wheels or four, organizers of the 2024 Africa Eco Race have made it incredibly easy to tune in and see what's happening with some of the most talented, passionate riders and drivers in the world. 

While its media team is also packaging highlights clips following the completion of each stage of the event, there's also a livestream currently running on the official AER YouTube channel. In between stages, it allows international fans from everywhere a glimpse behind the scenes that you don't often get to see unless you're there.

You'll find everything from B-roll footage to interviews with some of the competitors in the bivouac as they prepare both their brains and their vehicles for one of the most grueling events in the world.

As with most things in the realm of international rally raids, the footage is in French a lot of the time, with some English in places. For English speakers who don't also speak French, simply turning on the closed captions on the YouTube live stream will enable you to see decent English subtitles and follow along with what's happening onscreen.

Things Like This Are Why International Fans Can Be Glad The Internet Exists

I don't know about you, but speaking as someone who's been an international motorsport fan for the past couple of decades, seeing the Internet's power to bring people together (instead of driving them apart) through motorsport still seems almost magical. That goes double or perhaps even triple with the increased accessibility that free streaming on a platform like YouTube provides.

Two of the 12 planned stages of the 2024 Africa Eco Race have already been run. That leaves 10 more you can potentially watch live (at the time of writing). The scheduled course will run three more stages in Morocco before moving on to six stages in Mauritania and a final stage in Senegal. The event concludes on January 14, 2024 at Lac Rose in Dakar. 

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