Time and again, the TTS SuperBusa has proved how ridiculously fast it is against a variety of vehicles. This 372-horsepower supercharged Hayabusa built by UK supercharger expert TTS Performance is nothing short of total madness. These are known, accepted facts in our little corner of the Internet. And yet, there’s one battle it hadn’t publicly done yet—that is, until now. 

In this video, Bike World took the TTS SuperBusa to their favorite air strip—and pitted it against their own Project Hayabusa. For those unfamiliar with the latter bike, it’s essentially a lightly tuned, regularly aspirated Suzuki Hayabusa, of the kind that plenty of hooligan riders might well deem quick enough for their everyday purposes. It’s a bike that people have loved for a long time, and while some might have grumbled about Suzuki not changing it much over the years, the malcontents seem to be in the minority. 

While it’s quite clear that the TTS SuperBusa is going to absolutely pants the Project Hayabusa, that’s still not to say that the near stock ‘Busa is a slow bike. Speed, though, is relative—as you’ll clearly see when watching this video. From the first race, the TTS SuperBusa simply walks away from the regular Hayabusa, almost as though it was standing still. After a moment, you see that it’s rolling—but it sure doesn’t seem like it. 

After some good-natured giggles and a few more drag races proving that yes, the 372-horsepower supercharged Hayabusa is out-of-its-mind fast, they decide to bring another player out to test its mettle. It’s a stock Ducati Streetfighter V4 S. Again, that is by no means a slow street bike. That’s when Chris Northover notes that he’s achieved a 9-second quarter mile on that very bike in the past, confirming that it’s quite fast for a street-legal machine. 

Yet, still, with all three bikes racing down the strip from the start line at the same time, the TTS SuperBusa walks away from both the regular Hayabusa and the Streetfighter with equal ease. In fact, the Hayabusa and the Streetfighter seem to be similarly quick, at least in the run that’s shown in this video. Obviously, circumstances might be different based on riders, what kinds of starts they got, and any number of factors—but for the most part, they’re evenly matched as they trail in the wake of the unbeatable SuperBusa. 

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