On July 7, 2023, BMW Motorrad unveiled its newest electric two-wheeler, the CE 02. If that name sounds familiar, it’s likely because you’re remembering the Concept CE 02 that BMW first raised the curtain on back in 2021.  

The production version of the CE 02 is fairly similar in design to the concept version, but let’s get one improvement out of the way: It has actual foot pegs instead of the skateboard questionably utilized in the concept version. (To be absolutely clear, having a skateboard carrier on your ride isn’t a problem. However, having it be the only place to rest your feet doesn’t make a lot of sense.) 

Where the BMW CE 04 is aimed at urban professionals looking for a uniquely styled electric commuter, the BMW CE 02 is solidly aimed at young riders who may not have ridden any type of powered two-wheeler before. The company says that it’s “neither e-scooter nor e-motorcycle,” and instead refers to it as an “eParkourer.” It, um, doesn’t seem like it would jump very well, but we’ll take a look right now at what it has to offer (at least, on paper). 

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Power and Top Speed 

The all-new BMW CE 02 will be offered in three variants: regular, Highline, and AM-license restricted. In Germany, an AM-restricted two-wheeler can be ridden by individuals who only have a car driver’s license, or who are 15 years of age.  

Per BMW, the CE 02 has a maximum power output of 11 kilowatts, or 15 horsepower, along with 55 newton-meters (about 40 pound-feet) of torque. The AM-restricted version has a maximum power output of four kilowatts, or five horsepower along with the same 55 newton-meters (or 40 pound-feet) of torque. Top speed on the full-fat version is 95 kilometers per hour, or about 59 miles per hour, and range is a claimed 56 miles on a single charge. The AM-restricted version gets a top speed of 45 km/h, or just under 28 mph.  


The BMW CE 02 uses a steel double-loop frame design. Suspension consists of an upside-down telescopic front fork with hydraulic damping, and a single-sided swingarm and shock absorber setup in the back with adjustable preload. Cast alloy disc wheels carry over from the concept to the production version and are 14-inch units. Disc brakes stop you front and rear, and the front is also equipped with ABS as standard. LED lighting all around is standard on the CE 02. The front brake lever is also adjustable. 

The seat height is an extremely approachable 750 millimeters, or about 29.5 inches. The 11kW version of the CE 02 has a curb weight of 132 kilograms (about 291 pounds), while the AM-restricted version weighs 119 kg (or about 262.35 pounds). 

Ride Modes and Equipment 

The base CE 02 gets two standard ride modes: Flow and Surf. From BMW’s descriptions, Flow appears to be an urban stop-and-go traffic mode, while Surf is meant for your extra-urban, dynamic riding excursions. Opt for the Highline CE 02 variant and you’ll also get Flash mode, which involves the wearing of absolutely zero sketchy trenchcoats but is instead “sporty and dynamic.” 

Since the CE 02 is electric, potential riders might have questions about charging. The standard CE 02 comes with a 0.9-kilowatt external charger, which can take you from 20 to 80 percent of a full charge in just under three hours using a standard household electrical outlet. Opt for the Highline variant to get a 1.5kW quick charger (quick is relative), which can speed up your charging time to about one hour and 40 minutes. 

Keyless ride, a USB-C charging socket, and a TFT display come as standard on all versions of the CE-02. If you opt for the Highline variant, you can also take advantage of the ability to use the BMW Motorrad Connected app on your smartphone in Cradle Mode. This, in turn, allows you to use your phone as a second display screen. The Highline variant also unlocks additional functionality in the app, including the ability to view your CE 02’s charging status and additional information while you’re off the bike—sorry, eParkourer. 

Additional standard equipment includes automatic stability control, recuperative stability control, and reverse assistant.  

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and availability for the BMW CE 02 will vary by region. In the US, where only the 11kW version will be sold, the base model starts at $7,599. In addition to the features mentioned above, the Highline package adds a gold-anodized front fork, Cosmic Black 2 paint, a tri-color Pro seat, rim tape, heated grips, and additional connectivity for an additional $875, which brings the Highline MSRP in the US up to $9,069. 

If you’re located outside the US, your best bet for the most accurate pricing and availability information for the BMW CE 02 in your region is to contact your local authorized BMW Motorrad dealer. 

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