The Italian two-wheeler market has been on a roll in 2023. The country reported 26.6-percent growth in March, 2023 (compared to March, 2022). Those figures only helped Italy record a 27.6-percent Q1 2023 sales spike over the same quarter the year prior. With spring in full swing, the market isn’t losing momentum any time soon.

On May 2, 2023, Italy’s Confindustria ANCMA (National Association of Motorcycle Cycle Accessories) released data confirming that the nation’s two-wheeled segment grew by 16.4 percent in April, 2023. Consumers registered 33,605 vehicles during that one-month period, representing a considerable uptick over Italy’s sales performance in April, 2022.

Yet again, scooters came out on top with 22.5-percent growth over the same period last year and 16,611 units moved. Motorcycles were close behind with 15,384 vehicles sold, which equates to a 10.8-percent increase. Mopeds, on the other hand, have lagged behind throughout 2023. However, the segment made a comeback in the fourth month of the year with 1,610 registered units equaling a 13.1-percent upswing.

Italy’s yearly totals remain impressive as well. Sales soared by 24.2 percent (compared to January-April, 2022) in the first four months of 2023. Scooters account for 56,485 vehicles shipped and nearly 38 percent of growth. Predictably, motorcycles contributed second-most with a 16.4-percent rise on 54,311 units sold. After April, mopeds remain the only category in the red, with a 10.1-percent decrease and just 5,373 units moved.

Surprisingly, the electric market surged into positive territory with an 11.1-percent sales spike on 1,019 units. Zero-emissions mopeds propelled the category thanks to 451 shipped units constituting a stunning 90.3-percent jump. Italy’s two-wheeled market may have been on a roll lately, but its struggling segments look like they’re finally finding their stride too.

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