Triumph and Bajaj have been partners for a long time, but as of April 2023, the public has yet to see any finished version of the bikes they’ve been working on together. We’ve had tantalizing glimpses, of course—and for small-displacement motorcycle fans, it’s been fun to ponder what displacement the bikes might be.  

The progressive stream of leaked photos and videos of Triumph-Bajaj machines testing on roads in India and elsewhere clearly show single-cylinder bikes, but displacement remains unknown. Speculation mainly places the numbers somewhere between 250cc and 400cc. Will only a single displacement be released at a time, or will Triumph and Bajaj opt to give riders a choice between two or more displacements at once? It’s not unheard of with motorbikes that have even smaller displacements, particularly in the scooter world—Vespa, for example, does that all the time. 

On April 21, 2023, we received an answer to one of the other big questions that’s been hanging over the Triumph-Bajaj project: When can we expect the launch? In a live interview on India’s CNBC-TV18, Rajiv Bajaj spoke about a few topics of interest to motorcyclists. For the first part of the interview, he talked about Bajaj’s plans for electric bikes—but in the second part, he specifically called out a likely June 27, 2023, launch date for at least one Triumph-Bajaj machine. 

When asked about launch details, Rajiv Bajaj said, “The actual launch will be, I think, towards the end of June, perhaps specifically on Tuesday, the 27th of June, in London. It will be a global launch that is being organized by Triumph. What exactly is the content, I am not aware, but that’s when the launch might be.” 

“That means we should have product on the market in the second quarter of this financial year. Clearly, there’s more than one product under development. I can also say that more than one product will be launched in the second quarter if all goes well,” Bajaj added. 

Does that mean we can expect not just one, but two (or maybe even more) Triumph Bajaj bikes to break cover in late June? Was Rajiv Bajaj referring to two or more displacement options for the same model of bike? Although we now have one important answer, it’s the kind that raises even more questions. As and when we have new information to share, we will of course keep you updated. 

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