Guided motorcycle tour company Vintage Rides has steadily expanded around the globe since 2006. Hosting tours in more than 18 countries and four continents, the firm has operated over 1,000 guided tours. Vintage Rides relied on Royal Enfield motorcycles for many of those journeys.

Now, the two brands have renewed their dedication to one another, partnering on curated group rides until 2025. Vintage Rides’ catalog already includes far-flung locations such as Rwanda, Morroco, Nepal & Bhutan, and Peru. Together, the two entities will curate even more eclectic expeditions, showcasing Royal Enfield’s models all the while.

“Having Royal Enfield as a preferred partner was a natural choice,” admitted Vintage Rides founder Alexandre Zurcher. “We started to operate on Royal Enfields partially because the company was born in India. Today, it is much deeper than that. We are genuinely attached to the values of the Royal Enfield brand, the beauty of its machines, and the accessibility of the bikes.”

In addition to the guided tours, Royal Enfield and Vintage Rides will collaborate on one film annually. Each production will highlight the adventure-touring capabilities of Royal Enfield motorcycles.

The duo previously co-produced Frozen Ride (2017), a short documentary highlighting Mongolia’s Khövsgöl lake and the Dukha tribe, the world’s smallest band of reindeer herders. With Vintage Rides’ portfolio and Royal Enfield’s ever-expanding lineup, we expect this partnership to produce epic adventures.

“This collaboration is a step toward ensuring that our riders will be able to ride our motorcycles on some of the most breathtaking adventures across the world,” noted Royal Enfield Chief Brand Officer Mohit Dhar Jayal. “With Royal Enfield’s understanding of the motorcycling ethos and Vintage Rides' expertise in providing the best character-packed motorcycle tours across the world, this partnership will surely be a delight for our customers.”

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