Yamaha’s pleased with the outcome of its Yamaha Motorcycle Day 2022 event. Held at the Fujiten Resort in Yamanashi Prefecture on October 22nd, 2022, the recap of the fan appreciation event has been posted on YouTube for everyone to see. 

There were tons of activities for Yamaha riders during this fan appreciation event. Many riders and fans were able to officially gather for the first time since 2019. As such, there were tons of event-goers, and tons of fun to be had throughout the day. Yamaha fans from across Japan saddled up last year and headed to Fujiten Resort in order to see all the new sights and sounds that only Yamaha could bring. 

Yamaha’s video coverage of its Motorcycle Day 2022 may only be about four minutes long (three minutes and fifty-two seconds long), but it showed everything from Team Blue’s current lineup of models, fans, and their families sitting, taking pictures of, and gawking at Yamaha’s many models. Yamaha also set up several novel showcases such as the YZF-R1M in the 60th Anniversary colorway that was leaned over on its side, simulating the angles that can be achieved while riding. 

There were also other interesting showcases, which also included painting, gear displays, parts displays, and even technology showcases for everyone to enjoy. There was also a raffle, in which winners were able to go home with some Yamaha goodies. A message board was also set up at the location for fans and eventgoers to post their messages and send their love to the brand in blue. 

It’s a heartwarming video that sees a ton of love for Team Blue and its products. We can expect more face-to-face events from Yamaha like this in the future, and yet another Yamaha Motorcycle Day to come in a 2023 edition. No official schedule has been announced yet, but we’re looking forward to what Yamaha can come up with again. 

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