Are you looking to welcome a Kramer Motorcycle into your track-day life? If so, you may want to learn about the 2023 Kramer HKR Evo2 S, which Kramer Motorcycles USA just announced details about ahead of the new year. It’s currently the least expensive model in the Kramer lineup, but it’s still packs a solid performance punch to make your next track day memorable. Let’s take a look. 

The 2023 HKR Evo2 S is powered by a KTM LC4 690 engine, which makes a claimed 80 horsepower at the crank. Components include “a high-flow cylinder head, ultralight piston, and high-strength connecting rod, which is fed through a high-flow intake system designed and built by Kramer Motorcycles,” says the company.  

The end result is that the HKR Evo2 S’s power band is a full 1,000 rpm wider than that of a stock LC4 engine, with more uniform power delivery in the mid and high rev ranges. Plus, since the LC4 engines sourced from KTM are the latest generation, Kramer’s HKR Evo2 S gets the crucial benefit of that balancer shaft to reduce single-cylinder vibrations for the rider.  

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The Frame and Body 

The 2023 Kramer HKR Evo2 S gets a chromium-molybdenum steel frame with a trellis design, crafted to be lightweight, strong, and durable. Both stiffness and flexibility where you want them were taken into consideration when designing this frame. The XPE plastic tail section also functions as the HKR Evo2 S fuel tank, and holds 3.17 gallons of fuel. Bodywork is fiberglass, with all high-stress/mounting points reinforced with carbon/Kevlar. 

Since the fuel tank sits above the rear wheel to reposition its weight and optimize the bike’s center of gravity, the airbox is able to locate where a fuel tank is most frequently found on combustion bikes. It’s a tidy solution that reduces and optimizes weight distribution for this application. Curb weight is a very reasonable 285 pounds. 

Suspension and Brakes 

Up front, the 2023 Kramer HKR Evo2 S sports a 43mm WP fork with adjustable compression and rebound damping. The rear gets a WP shock absorber with no mention of adjustability, although there is a KMC link system with an adjustable ride height. A rigid underbraced aluminum swingarm completes the configuration. 

As far as brakes go, the front sports a single Brembo M50 four-piston caliper (as opposed to the dual setup found on the HKR Evo2 R), along with a 320mm Motomaster rotor. In back, you get a Formula two-piston brake caliper and 220mm Motomaster rotor setup. The HKR Evo2 S rides on a pair of cast aluminum wheels, which is another difference between the S and its upspecced R sibling. 

Pricing and Availability 

U.S. riders interested in getting their hands on a 2023 Kramer HKR Evo2 S machine can reserve one today, as Kramer Motorcycles USA is currently taking reservations for its newest model. You can phone 701-367-2258 for more information or to place your order, or else email The price for the 2023 Kramer HKR Evo2 S is $15,995.  

“The Kramer HKR Evo2 S is a great platform for all skill levels. New racers and track day riders will be astounded by the value that the Kramer HKR Evo2 S provides against the latest crop of new Lightweight motorcycles, while championship contenders can benefit from using the Evo2 S as a starting point for a bespoke racing package,” Kramer Motorcycles USA CEO Joe Karvonen said in a statement. 

“The Kramer HKR Evo2 R will always be our ‘no compromises’ turnkey race bike for riders who are fighting for race wins and championship victories. But with the Kramer HKR Evo2 S, we wanted to offer a more affordable way to get on a Kramer, without sacrificing too much of the Lightweight performance that’s become associated with the Kramer name,” he said. 

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