Spanish motorcycle manufacturer Rieju is best known for its small-displacement, beginner-friendly motorbikes, particularly its dual-sport and supermoto models. In recent times, however, the company has ventured into electric two-wheelers, with the growing popularity of these types of vehicles especially in Europe. It entered the electric market with the uniquely styled Nuuk back in 2021, and now it's launching another electric two-wheeler.

Unlike the Nuuk, which had a very distinct, moped-like aesthetic, Rieju's new E-City looks like your conventional scooter. The E-City is an urban runabout that has been styled as a modern, sporty scooter. It features very angular lines, a practical flat floor, small wheels that make maneuvering easier, full LED lighting, and a small smoke screen for additional wind protection. The scooter is supported by a tubular steel frame and an aluminum alloy swingarm, as well as dual gas-charged rear shocks, 33mm telescopic front forks, 12-inch rims, and a combined braking system.

Rieju E-City Electric Scooter

The E-City's saddle, which is 780 mm high, and its 1,308 mm-long wheelbase make it quite accessible as well. Even for riders with little experience, the E-City offers friendly performance. It comes in two variations, the first of which is a 50cc equivalent. It has a Bosch motor with a FOC controller in the back wheel that produces 110 Nm of torque, 1.2 kW of maximum power, and 1.9 kW of nominal power at a top speed of 45 kph (28 miles per hour). In ECO mode, the detachable 1,560 Wh Greenway lithium-ion battery offers a range of up to 70 kilometers (44 miles).

The 125cc comparable version is available for those seeking a tiny bit more performance. In this instance, the Bosch electric motor produces 147 Nm of torque, 3.0 kW of nominal power, and a maximum speed that is restricted to 75 kilometers an hour, or 47 miles per hour. Two Greenway batteries with a combined capacity of 2,100 Wh provide more range. With this, the scooter can go an impressive 100 miles or 160 kilometers on a single charge in Eco mode.

As for pricing and availability,the Rieju E-City scooter retails for 3,299 Euros ($3,299 USD) for the single-battery 50cc equivalent version, 4,019 Euros ($4,019 USD) for the dual-battery version, and 5,519 Euros, or $5,519 USD for the 125cc equivalent. Colors consist of black and white.

Rieju E-City Electric Scooter
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