You show up at a track day. All seems normal. Then you come to find out that you’re sharing the circuit with a Superbike World Champion (WSBK) and MotoGP test rider. You have two options in this situation. The rational one—you ask him for pointers and tips to improve your riding. The irrational one—you hunt him down and try to show him who’s boss.

Well, on the morning that REPerformance UK’s Ricky Elder ran into Sylvain Guintoli at Britain’s Donington Park circuit, he must have awoken on the irrational side of the bed. Now, Elder is no WSBK champion, but he’s no chump either. The Swindon, England-based engine builder and all-around gearhead formerly competed in British Supersport and British Superbikes.

Aboard his race-prepped BMW S 1000 RR, the ex-racer shows that he still has the pace to embarrass expert track day riders. But, does he have enough skill to pass Guintoli? Fortunately, he has some help in the form of a 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa. Sure, it once held the fastest production bike crown, but the House of Hamamatsu never built the bulbous ‘Busa to circulate the track in record time.

Obviously, Elder benefits from an even steeper advantage due to his track-only Beemer. Even in stock form, the S 1000 RR enjoys the upper hand. Boasting 208 horsepower and weighing 434 pounds, the Bavarian literbike leads in practically every significant metric. Compare that to the Hayabusa’s 186 peak horsepower and 582-pound wet weight, and you have a rout in the making; especially when you consider the BMW’s slicks versus the Suzuki’s road-legal rubber.

Still, Guintoli displays his world-class riding by staving off Elder for more than one lap. Even as Elder applies pressure from behind, the Frenchman stands firm. Although, Guintoli eventually encounters the ‘Busa’s Kryptonite—hairpins. After Quintoli runs wide several times, Elder lines up the pass and leaves the former MotoGP racer in the dust. Of course, Guintoli takes it all in stride, but unless you’re an ex-superbike racer, you may want to ask for tips instead.

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