Every once in a while, you hear about some amazing barn find situation. You know the story, where a single collector spent their entire life saving their favorite motorbikes (and sometimes cars, OK) from the scrap heap? Some might run, some might not, but all the vehicles on-site have probably been there for several decades, at the very least. Oh, and importantly, there may or may not be an actual barn involved. 

U.K.-based moto and general petrol enthusiast Freddie Dobbs recently visited an old Jawa and Soviet car sanctuary in a mechanic’s garden, somewhere in Lithuania. Since he’s also a YouTuber, he very naturally took cameras along for the ride, to document the entire thing as he documented both the site and the scads of vehicles housed therein. 

Now, unlike some barn find stories, this particular property full of Soviet-era motoring gems doesn’t belong to relatives of a collector who has either moved on or passed away. The actual guy still owns the place, and also works on the vehicles he brings in quite regularly. As it turns out, he’s been a working mechanic for over 40 years—and he knows a thing or two about a solid work/life balance, from the looks of it. 

Most of the motorcycles present are original Jawas, produced in what was then called Czechoslovakia. There’s also one lonely HHH—and beyond that being the name of a Russian motorcycle marque long ago, I’m afraid I can’t tell you much else about it. (If you’re well-versed in HHH bikes, please be sure to let us know in the comments, because we love learning new things!) 

Most of the cars are variations of Lada Nivas and Rivas, with one Ford Sierra for good measure. There’s one Lada sedan that Dobbs takes time to point out, as it belonged to the mechanic’s father, and was apparently not commonly seen in use by people who weren’t associated with the KGB. So, his dad, who was just a regular guy, was apparently very lucky to come into possession of it. The mechanic wants to fix it up and get it running again. Really, isn’t that the dream of most gearheads who inherit a special vehicle that’s been in the family?  

This is clearly a yard with more projects than the owner has time for—and he knows it, which is probably why most things there are available for sale. If you’re interested in getting in touch with the guy, Dobbs says you can drop him a line and he’ll put you in touch with the owner to have a discussion. We’ll include a link to his website so you can reach out if you’re interested. 

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