There’s no rest for the weary, especially if you’re a global OEM. No doubt, a company like Royal Enfield has multiple irons in multiple fires at all times, so it’s likely no surprise when some of them get spotted out on Indian roads. I mean, if you’re going to build road bikes, you need to test those same bikes out on the road, right? 

This is the latest video that a moto enthusiast managed to capture, somewhere in Chennai. Now, don’t be alarmed by the way the video starts out. It’s clearly shot by someone else who’s riding another bike, and who’s behind the SG 650 in traffic. There’s a pack of bikes throughout most of the video, and both the SG and this rider are part of it. 

In addition to being shot vertically (presumably for easy sharing via a mobile app where that’s the norm), the video starts out turned on its side. Don’t worry, though—the person who shot the video realized their mistake after the first few moments, and then rotated their camera so things were recorded with the view you’d expect of the SG and all the traffic around them. 

Throughout the video, we only really see the rear portion of the bike, on the right side. Since the person who shot the video is stuck in traffic with the SG, rather than capturing it blasting by on an uncrowded road, we spend a lot more time looking at it than was possible in previous spy videos and photos.  

There’s ample time to contemplate the pillion seat, rear hugger, and lollipop-like taillight and turn signals. We also get a glimpse of the round mirrors, as well as a dash that looks pretty much like you’d expect. 

Spy shots, of course, don’t tell us anything about specs—but since this will be another 650 Twin, at least the powerplant is a fairly well-known quantity. It may be tuned a little differently to match the character of this bike, of course—but any such changes should be fairly minor. Plenty of riders already love that engine, so here’s one more flavor of it for fans to savor. 

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