The Il Ciocco 12 Ore is a legendary enduro event that first started in 1975, wherein enduro riders would test their mettle in grueling enduro challenges. While the event transitioned to feature four-wheeled vehicles in recent years, the famed enduro event is slated to welcome two-wheelers once again in 2022.

Slated to happen from October 21 to 23, 2022, the Il Ciocco 12 Ore, or the 12-hour enduro, will take place in Barga, considered by many as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It’s located in the Serchio Valley, just north of Pisa. According to the event organizers Daniele Papi and Valerio Barsella, the interest for the event in the two wheeled community is very strong. An article by Enduro21 even goes as far as saying that people are “kicking down the doors for more information.” This, of course, is meant in a figurative sense, meaning people are extremely eager to learn more about the event.

Entries for the Il Ciocco 12 Ore officially open at 12 noon (CET), on July 1, 2022, with a maximum of 177 pair entries for the event. The event clearly attracts enthusiasts en masse thanks to the rapid increase in popularity of Vintage Enduro, or Vinduro for short, especially in Europe. This subculture or the retro scene sees old-school dirt bikes reconditioned to participate in off-road racing, as well as a number of custom scrambler and enduro builds that blend form and function seamlessly.

The 2022 racing series has been modified and “synchronized with today's time clock,” according to Enduro21’s article. This means that the event will consist of two days of racing with six hours each, plus the initial runs on Friday. Furthermore, the races are now a lot more organized, with categories setup for bike type, displacement, and even the age of the machines. Those who are interested in participating in this unique vintage enduro racing event can learn more and register at the Dodiciore’s official website linked below.

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