Millennials grew up with the internet. Gen-Z has used mobile devices from a young age. In the near future, we will have motorcyclists who have never ridden an internal combustion engine two-wheeler. With the technological, infrastructural, and social gains made by electric motorcycles and scooters over the past few years, that future is approaching faster than ever.

Philippe Monneret established the Easy Monneret training center on France’s Island of Puteaux to serve that growing group of electric-only riders. The school offers four different courses pertaining to differing skill levels, ages, and inclinations. Easy Monneret opens the program to residents of Puteaux, Paris, and Île-de-France

“The creation of this center is a perfect response to the growth of the electric two-wheeler market and to the expectations and needs in terms of prevention and training of a new, mainly urban clientele,” explained Philippe Monneret. “We innovate with courses, a program, a track, a structure, and a device totally adapted to motorized two-wheeler users.”

Youngsters interested in riding can take the Mini Motorcycle Initiation class for only €80 ($85 USD). The 2-hour session caters to 7–12-year-old children, with participants riding a KTM SX-E 5 at the Circuit du Paul Ricard. Adults unsure if they’re willing to take the two-wheeled plunge just yet can opt for the 2-hour Pre-Course. At €110 ($117 USD), the course allows riders to test the waters before fully dedicating themselves to obtaining a license.

Riders from 14 years and up can take the AM (BSR) course, which permits participants to ride a 50cc scooter or equivalent electric upon completion. Easy Monneret splits the 8 hours of theory and practice into a 2-day lesson for the price of €249 ($267 USD) On the other hand, experienced riders with at least two years under their belt and a B Permit, can enlist in the Formation 125 class. Following completion, the one-day, 7-hour lesson will reward attendees with a license to ride 125cc or electric equivalent models on the road.

Easy Monneret isn’t stopping with its Puteaux location either. The organization plans to establish four more electric-only sites in France by 2025.

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