MotoGP technologies are advancing all the time. From Honda's seamless gearboxes to Ducati's aerodynamic winglets to Brembo's carbon brakes, manufacturers are always looking for an edge over the competition. With the race machines developing at breakneck speeds, it isn’t easy keeping up with the latest electronic suites and features.

However, videogame developer Milestone has done an excellent job of translating today’s MotoGP prototypes to the virtual raceway. Past iterations have accurately recreated the conditions, bikes, and riders that make the Grand Prix series. For 2022, the team steps it up another notch with added features, historic recreations, and new game modes.

Whether you prefer today’s riders or the champions of the past, MotoGP 22 features 70 historical racers and 120 riders overall. Players can choose from over 20 Grand Prix circuits and compete in the Moto3, Moto2, and MotoGP championships. A revised tutorial mode and new MotoGP Academy feature will help both novice and experienced players take their skills to the next level.

MotoGP 22 Videogame - Past
MotoGP 22 Videogame - Present

Those that want a comprehensive experience will spring for the Managerial Mode, which allows users to create/join a team, hire personnel, develop a bike, and vie for the title. Of course, a big draw for the MotoGP videogame is the personalization aspect and 5 powerful graphic editors allow players to fully customize their ride and kit.

The game keeps that level of control on the race track as well. During competition, users will be able to monitor tire wear, fuel level, and brake temperature throughout the race. Players can even control the new Ride Height Device (RHD) to lower the bike’s center of gravity for maximum acceleration.

Milestone amps up the rivalries with MotoGP 22’s online multiplayer and cross-play challenges. Now, last-gen and next-gen console users from the same family (PS4 Vs. PS5, Xbox One Vs. Xbox Series X) can race against one another. The developers don’t forget local play either, adding a new split-screen feature for even more two-player battles.

While MotoGP 22 captures all the advanced tech and detail of today’s Grand Prix series, the Nine Season 2009 allows users to relive the hotly-contested 2009 season. With Faster director Mark Neale narrating over 50 minutes of actual footage from 2009, the mode includes 17 Chapters and various challenges for players to overcome. MotoGP may be more advanced than ever, but the MotoGP 22 videogame honors the race of yesteryear and today.

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