After two years, we’re finally getting another season of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. The hiatus marks the event’s first two-year break since World War Two, all thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Expect the TT to make a return this May and June. The organizers announced that they planned to broadcast the 2022 season last year and it would be part of its new OTT platform.

Full details of the Isle of Man TT’s live TV coverage have been revealed, and the series partnered with Vimeo to make its OTT platform which is called TT+, and it will be available by April of this year. The good news is that this platform is free to use on mobile or desktop devices, and video recaps and coverage outside of the live event will be available for viewers without any special subscription service.

However, if you want live event coverage, prepare to pay the sum of £14.99 for a whole week of racing with access to over 40 hours of action.

Following the coverage will be a documentary series that will premier later this year, which will be a full-length film that will detail the history of the classic TT races.

There’s much to anticipate for the 2022 Isle of Man season. Not only will it be the first time since its hiatus, but it will also be the last season of John McGuinness, the legendary Honda TT racer that will turn 50 by the time that the 2022 season rolls over.

John McGuinness Isle of Man TT 2022 Honda
John McGuinness, Honda

Catch the high octane racing series on its OTT platform, and get a load of some of the most exciting action and fastest motorcycles on the legendary Isle of Man. The broadcast will be fronted by motorcycle sports presenter Matt Roberts, Formula 1 broadcasters Jennie Gow and Rick Faragher. Ex-TT racers Cameron Donald and Steve Plater will also present and additional reporting will be done by Mark Miller, Maria Costello, Patrick Farrance, Horst Saiger, John Hogan, and Jenny Tinmouth. The commentating will be handled by Steve Day and Chris Boyd. 

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