Modern motocross teams are more than just a collection of riders, managers, mechanics, and dirt bikes. The full-scale production also requires a home away from home. That means a garage, sleeping quarters, kitchen, dinette, and bathroom all rolled into one. However, when the rolling fortress arrives at its destination, it also needs to transform into a pop-up paddock. Luckilly for the ASA United Husqvarna Motocross Team, the Mercedes RC12M offers all that and more.

During the 2020 MX1 and MX2 season, the Husky squad put its team truck under the charge of RC Motorhomes in Newton Abbot, England. The Motaholic YouTube channel seized the opportunity to check out the ins and outs of the RC12M, giving viewers a peek at life on the road with a professional motocross team.

Starting with the exterior, host Nick Burnham and RC Motorhomes founder Richard Churchill not only marvel at the sheer size of the Mercedes motorhome but explain how the truck more than doubles its footprint on race weekends. Equipped with a retractable awning system, the RC12M quickly turns into a fully-enclosed racer’s paddock complete with weather protection and removable floors. A tour around the outside of the truck reveals additional water hookups and compressed air points for pneumatic tools.

Of course, true beauty lies on the inside, and the RC12M boasts more square footage than your average Manhattan apartment. The premium-finished appliances, furniture, and amenities also provide a welcoming atmosphere between heats. Dedicated mechanics quarters, wardrobe, and a bathroom truly make the truck feel like a home, but the best part of any home is the garage.

Positioned at the rear of the RC12M, the fully-stocked garage not only accommodates six dirt bikes but also serves as a rest area for riders. With a comprehensive tool collection, air compressor, and mini-fridge, no luxury is overlooked. As many motocross fans know, ASA United transitioned into a Gas Gas team in 2021, but we hope the squad is still enjoying the comfy confines of the RC12M during the 2022 motocross season.

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