Is it time for a new helmet in your gear collection? Whether you’re looking for a replacement or simply an addition, new for 2022, BMW Motorrad introduced the Sao Paulo jet helmet to its lineup. It’s a basic, breezy jet helmet with the type of comfort and features that everyday riders typically look for in this style. 

The shell is made of reinforced fiberglass, and comes in two shell sizes to span the range of head measurements the Sao Paulo can fit. Sizes range from 53/54 to 63/64, and this helmet is designed as a unisex model.  

It comes with a long, clear visor, although additional smoked and tinted visor options to fit the Sao Paulo are available as accessories at an additional charge. There’s also an integrated drop-down sun visor, so you can easily shield your eyes from the sun’s rays without needing to stop and put on sunglasses or switch out your main shield.  

Gallery: BMW Motorrad Sao Paulo Helmet

The interior helmet padding is both removable and washable, as is the case with most modern helmets in 2021. Switchable ventilation ports are located both up at the top center portion of the helmet, as well as in back, at the rear spoiler. Since it’s a jet helmet, the bottom portion is open and breezy, so you should also get plenty of ventilation that way. If wind noise is a concern, you may want to wear earplugs—but that would be the case with all jet and many other types of motorcycle helmets, as well. 

For 2022, BMW Motorrad is making the Sao Paulo jet helmet available in a range of colors, which may or may not vary by the region in which they’re sold. As with other pieces in the BMW Motorrad collection, not all items may be available in all regions. For the most up-to-date pricing and availability information, it’s best to check with your local BMW Motorrad dealer regarding this helmet or any other BMW gear that catches your fancy. 

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