Whether you’re planning a long journey or a short trip, having a good place to stick your stuff is important. Jacket or pants pockets can only go so far, after all. Plenty of manufacturers make tank bags and luggage, but looks, features, fit, and finish vary wildly. You know what goes with everything, though? Black, black, and more black, which is exactly what BMW Motorrad is offering with its new Black Collection. 

Let’s start with the tank bags, which come in three sizes: Large GS, Large Tour & Roadster, or Small GS/ Tour/Roadster. All three are made of TPU-coated polyester, and feature lockable, water-repellant two-way zippers. The trio also feature waterproof inner pouches with roll closures, for added protection from the elements.  

The two large tank bags feature expansion zips that help them go from 13- to 18-liter capacity, while the small one holds five liters comfortably. For touchscreen and other electronic devices, the two large bags feature cable ducting, as well as a clear compartment that’s both waterproof and touch-compatible. All three bags have various handy compartments in which to secure your stuff, shoulder straps for easy off-bike portage, and can easily attach to the pillion seat or rear rack as needed. 

Gallery: BMW Motorrad Black Collection Soft Luggage

For your rear bag needs, Black Collection options come in two sizes: Large, and Small. The Large one holds 50 to 60 liters, while the Small one holds 35 to 42 liters. Both feature an exterior, waterproof TPU coating, and have removable inner waterproof bags, as well. There’s also a lockable, two-way, rubberized zip on the main compartment for added security. These rear bags are made to work with a rear rack.  

If you’re looking for soft side bags, the Black Collection has you covered there, too. These come in two sizes: Large, or Small. The Large can fit 15 liters comfortably, while the Small tops out at 10 liters. You can also use the included compression straps to reduce storage volume as needed. Both side bag options require a vehicle-specific side-bag holder to use as intended, to which they attach with included quick-release fasteners.

Are you looking for more storage options to wear off the bike? If so, BMW Motorrad also offers a Hip Bag and two different sizes of Backpack to keep all your stuff right where you want it. The Hip Bag stores up to three liters comfortably, has a waterproof main compartment, and additional pockets to organize your items neatly. For larger items, the Black Collection Backpacks come in two sizes, 30-liter and 20-liter. Both feature waterproof main compartments with integrated 15-inch laptop compartments. The 30-liter version has additional buckles and straps so you can attach it to your bike instead of your back.  

Pricing and availability has yet to be announced as of March 12, 2021, but should hopefully come soon. Ask your local BMW dealer if you’re interested in any pieces in the Black Collection. 

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