When you go to put new tires on your bike, your choices are frequently a compromise. You want a good commuter tire with super long life? Then you’re probably going to sacrifice a bit of sporty handling and fun. By the same token, your favorite track day tires for those warm and sunny days may not do so well when it’s wet and cold. That’s simply not what they were made for, and you’ve made your peace with it, haven’t you? 

Like any tire maker that wants to stay competitive in its field, Continental is constantly working on new rubber compounds and technologies to craft the tires that riders (and drivers) want. That’s why, when crafting the new Road Attack 4 motorcycle tires, Conti asked itself why it couldn’t have tire compounds that provide great grip in wet and cold conditions as well as ideal dry conditions. 

Thus, Continental went back to the lab, and busied itself engineering the best combinations of new rubber compounds and tread patterns to achieve desired results. From its own diagrams, if you already like the Road Attack 3’s basic characteristics, the Road Attack 4 does what a good iteration should do—it basically amps up the things you enjoyed about the previous version. This includes handling, dry and wet grip, warmup time and behavior, and of course mileage. 

Continental Road Attack 4 - Action

Of course, any company can tell you it thinks its tires are the best—and most probably will. Likewise, any OEM that’s been iterating on an idea for any length of time will of course tell you its newest version is the best. As ever, the true test will be in how these perform once riders are able to get Road Attack 4 tires out on their bikes. They’re planned for launch in January, 2022, so hopefully it won’t be long before we see real-world results from riders unaffiliated with Continental. 

This tire will be available in the following dimensions once it hits the market: 

  • Front: 120/70-17 
  • Rear: 160/60-17 
  • Rear: 180/55-17 
  • Rear: 190/50-17 
  • Rear: 190/55-17 

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