With just 15 days to go before EICMA 2021 kicks off in Milan, Italy, Kawasaki confirmed that it plans to attend this year’s event. The moto titans from Tokyo have certainly hit the ground running since officially forming the new company, Kawasaki Motors Limited, at the beginning of October. So far, Team Green said it will bring all the new 2022 models it’s already introduced, as well as “more than one important global public premiere.” 

Could that mean the OEM will be unveiling its upcoming 2022 Z1 50th anniversary bike at EICMA? At this point, it’s anyone’s guess. In the race to reach its carbon neutrality goals, Kawasaki also said it plans to introduce ten separate electric and/or hybrid motorcycles by 2025. That’s not too far away, so it wouldn’t be surprising if there’s some news on that front that Team Green wants to display on the world stage that EICMA provides each year. 

“Kawasaki fans have been waiting patiently to physically experience new models at the EICMA show for long enough. Now the wait is over our mission is to reward their patience with innovative, category leading machines that deliver on our promise to Let the Good Times Roll, a phrase that embodies the pure joy that comes from riding Kawasaki’s fun-to-ride motorcycles”, Kawasaki Motors Limited president Hiroshi Ito said in a statement. 

“The mid-term goals for Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. have been well documented. EICMA offers the ideal live environment to present further new models for the near future and to play an important part in our mission to return to more normal times,” he concluded. 

The new Z650RS will be on display to the public in three colorways, as well as the Z900SE, Z900RS SE “Yellow Ball”, and a new white colorway on the Z900. Kawasaki’s official EICMA confirmation refers to this as a bit of a Zed Fest, and it’s difficult to disagree. Z-series bike fans, it seems, will have plenty of eye candy to enjoy at EICMA 2021. 

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