As much as we love to ride our motorcycles, we must also put in a good amount of time in caring for and maintaining our beloved steeds. While the amount of time we put into maintenance and repairs will definitely vary on the type of motorcycle we ride, there’s no denying the fact that it does take a good amount of time to keep our bikes in shape—whether you’re the do-it-yourself kinda guy, or prefer to take to your nearest dealer.

Having said that, Royal Enfield has always been about establishing a personal connection to motorcycle riders. From its honest, barebones, and affordable options which exude class and style, to its in-house custom build contests, the Indian motorcycle manufacturer has always been about individuality and hitting the open road on two wheels in utmost enjoyment. Of course, in order to do this, our motorcycles must always be in tip-top shape. This is why Royal Enfield Italy has taken it upon itself to launch a campaign to encourage RE owners to stay on top of their maintenance.

Royal Enfield AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

The Prenditi Cura Di Lei promo, which translates to Take Care Of Her, offers free inspections as well as discounts to genuine Royal Enfield parts related to general maintenance. The campaign promises a thorough ten-point checkup consisting of oil level, chain tension, tire pressure, tire condition, spoke tightening, brake fluid, start/stop switch, headlight adjustment, clutch cable adjustment, and throttle cable adjustment. The promotion is exclusive to all Royal Enfield owners in Italy, and will run until October 23, 2021.

If you happen to live in Italy and own a Royal Enfield machine, now may be the perfect time to get on top of your bike’s maintenance. In order to avail of the promo, all you need to do is visit Royal Enfield Italy’s official website linked below, and click on the Prenditi Cura Di Lei promo. Simply fill out the form and head over to your nearest Royal Enfield service center.

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