Riding motorcycles frequently stirs the emotions—well, if you do it right. It’s an excellent way to turn a bad or meh day into a much better day, with a simple twist of the throttle. While motorcycles make plenty of sweet music on their own, one other way to set your pulse racing is listening to your favorite music while riding.  

BMW Motorrad knows this, so it’s proud to announce its new partnership with Marshall—yes, that Marshall. For the past 60 years, the British amplification experts at Marshall have seen far more than a million faces, shortly before proceeding to rock them all. Now, they’re teaming up with BMW to take the show on any road you choose. 

Neither BMW nor Marshall has released full details of what’s to come just yet. However, the Motorrad says that it will “be reflected in new, innovative products for motorcycles and music, especially in the BMW Motorrad Heritage segment.” Future R 18 designs with a Marshall half-stack passenger backrest, anyone?  

This announcement is meant to keep us all intrigued until we can find out more. Thankfully, BMW also says we should expect to learn a bit more detail about this arrangement on July 29, 2021. So, it’s not some open-ended announcement with no end in sight. We won’t have to wait overly-long to find out what it’s all about. 

Will Marshall-developed sound systems be fitted as standard in some trim levels of BMW Motorrad Heritage bikes? Will they be available as premium options? Will there be a range of sound system configurations to choose from, or will there only be a single option offered at first?  

No matter what the answers to these questions may be, it’s now July 21, 2021—so we only have eight more days before we find out. 

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