This is probably the smallest Harley that you can get your hands on: The Harley-Davidson Hummer. 

1955 Harley-Davidson Hummer For Sale
1955 Harley-Davidson Hummer For Sale

It's a first model year production, and it only has a 125cc two-stroke motor that's air-cooled and has such a tiny cylinder head that pushes out three horsepower. Power goes to the rear wheels via a three-speed transmission and a standard chain. Of course, it's carbureted and has a set of 19-inch wheels wrapped in 3.50-inch Cheng Shin tires—Cheng-what now? Apart from the no-name rubber, the bike actually features an inverted fork along with rubber gaiters for the front. However, the bike does feature a hard tail and the only things that'll keep your bum from getting numb are the springs on the seat—at least there are two of them. 

It's not really a mini-bike, just a really small . The frame is black, but the body panels are finished in a nice creamy hue. The Harley-Davidson branding can be found on both sides of the tank, and the previous, or a previous owner slapped on an American flag sticker at the back. The bars are relatively wide, but you don't get any form of instrumentation, so you'll have to get a feel for what speed you'll be going on this thing—not that it's that fast anyway. Of note, however, are the grips. While the clutch-side grip appears to be in good shape, the throttle-side appears to have cracked and worn through. 

1955 Harley-Davidson Hummer For Sale

According to the listing, the bike was started once early into 2021 and has been lying dormant ever since. There are also quite a few imperfections with this motorcycle. For one, there are a few scratches that the folks over at Bring a Trailer mention like the partially missing left-side graphics. More detailed photos of the bike are also available on the listing itself. 

Regardless of its less-than-perfect condition, it's still a piece of Harley history. The model was produced from 1955 to 1959 and was based on the German DKW RT 125 back in the 1930s.

Do note, however, that this bike is currently going for $2,050 USD at the time of this article's writing, so act fast. Also, there is a lien on the title, and the owner's lender must be paid off first before the title can be transferred. Other than that, the auction ends on July 25, 2021, or about six days from now. 

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