By now, all the Jonathan Rea stans are probably aware that he doesn’t have a license to ride motorbikes on the road. There’s also a lot of training if you want to stay in peak physical condition to remain a world champion-level superbike racer. Who has time to get their road license?  

In July, 2021, Jonathan Rea made time—and more importantly for fans, documented some of the process on his YouTube channel. First, he took his handy action camera along with him for his compulsory basic training (CBT) course. Following on, he brought the camera with again for the day of his on-road course, where he was escorted along to the proceedings by his CBT trainer.  

Now, the testing center doesn’t allow cameras during test proceedings, so Rea wasn’t actually able to share any of his on-road test with us. However, he did take us along for the ride to the training center, with his trainer Steve very nicely agreeing to stop for a confidence-boosting coffee along the way. I mean, if you’re going to get through something stressful, like a road test, you need all the help you can get—even when you’re Jonathan Rea.  


How did he do? After the test, Rea recorded an update included in this video: He passed! The on-road test apparently involves riders being tested wearing an earpiece, into which the tester gives them instructions to tell them how to proceed along the test course. Rea said that at one point, his earpiece wasn’t working properly, so he incorrectly executed one small move. Overall, there were no major errors, and he said he had no trouble passing the road test.  

Now the only question remaining is which Kawasaki motorcycle he’s going to get as his road bike. He trained on a Z 650, which was provided by his one-on-one trainer, Steve, at Moto Training Northern Ireland. Will he stick with that as his everyday ride, or what will he choose? He says he’s planning to reveal his new bike in a future video on the channel, but until then, your guess is as good as ours. 

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