If you want to go , finding nice, compact gear that packs down easily to transport on your bike is key. A trio of employees at Japanese clutch specialist F.C.C. gave a lot of thought to creating a handy, packable camp stove design out of things they already had laying around at work. The resulting design is called the MotoGrill, and it’ll totally come in clutch next time you need to cook at your campsite. Let’s take a look. 

MotoGrill is a simple, packable system using a bunch of clutch plates and some metal stays that hold the clutch plates in place. A big circlip you slot into place at the end stabilizes the entire unit, so it doesn’t have any annoying or dangerous wobbling while you’re playing with fire. Finally, there’s a metal trivet that fits neatly on top, so you can easily put your cooking vessel of choice up top and make yourself some nice, hot food. You can also leave the trivet off if you prefer to cook over an open flame instead.  

It’s super simple, and also really cool to look at. It’s 20 centimeters in diameter, and everything packs away neatly for easy storage wherever you want to stash it on your bike. Of course, since it’s metal, it will get hot when you use it to cook, so you’ll need to build in some time to let it cool down before you pack it away. 

Gallery: MotoGrill

The trio who designed it currently have it up on Japanese-language crowdfunding site Makuake, where they’ve so far reached 53 percent of their chosen support amount to make the product a reality. They’re looking to raise 865,760 yen, or about $7,844. As of July 13, 2021, a full 39 days remain if you want to back their crowdfunding effort. Like many other crowdfunding platforms, backers will only be charged if the campaign is fully funded by the deadline.  

The full price of one of these stoves is quoted at 17,800 yen, or about $161. The trio is offering a 10 percent discount if you back it on Makuake, though. Should the campaign be fully funded on August 22, 2021, it will go into production and is scheduled to start shipping in mid-October, 2021. The team plans to keep the status updated along the way, and complete shipping of all units that have been preordered in November, 2021. 

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