safety standards can be quite confusing for customers. Aside from mandatory certifications like and , rigorous safety tests by Snell and SHARP further stratify the helmet market. While numerous regulations and certifications separate the great helmets from the mediocre ones, it can also muddy the waters. To help clarify the options for consumers, the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (Mips) redesigned its website with education-based language and a dedicated search engine.

The site overhaul caters to users with straightforward terminology and an easy-to-use layout. While the new web design still captures the Mips brand philosophy, legacy, and learnings, it makes the information much more accessible for consumers.

“As of late last year (2020), more than 20 million helmets equipped with the Mips® system have been sold since Mips’ started as a company in 2001,” said Mips CEO Max Strandwitz. “This never ceases to amaze us and we could not be more happy with our success. But in terms of consumer education on helmets and head safety, there’s still a long road ahead for our industry.”

A new dedicated search engine should also allow customers to quickly locate the Mips-equipped helmet that suits their needs. With the system spanning 121 brands (, , etc.) and 16 categories, the new feature will simplify the shopping process while ensuring that customers find a helmet engineered for their sport.

“Many consumers are not equipped to make the best decision when purchasing a helmet, added Strandwitz. “This new website may seem small, but to us, it’s a critical step on our mission to improve helmet safety around the world.”

The updated website is Mips latest effort to adjust materials to meet users’ needs. Earlier this year, the brand recategorized its range to make it easier to navigate and added Team Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) MXGP riders Tim Gajser and Mitch Evans to its first-ever athlete-ambassador team. Hopefully, Mips' new website pays off and gets more people to wear the right kind of gear out on the road.

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