More motorcycle and scooter manufacturers are amping up EV options around the world than ever before. Still, there are some concerns that would-be riders may have before taking that electric leap. Range anxiety is a big one, but what about service? While most EV makers tout lower costs of maintenance and overall ownership as electric strengths, every vehicle needs service at one time or another.  

To that end, Hero Electric is doing its best to address this concern in 2021. As one part of its approach, the company recently started training local mechanics across India in how to work on its current electric scooter lineup. To clarify, Hero Electric is a company that shares an ancestor with the larger Hero MotoCorp company, but is separate from it. HE has been working on its electric two-wheeler solutions since 2007.  

It’s now April, 2021, and over the next two years, Hero Electric plans to educate a minimum of 20,000 existing mechanics in electric two-wheeler maintenance and repair. India has been and remains the world’s largest two-wheeler market. While China isn’t far off, there’s absolutely no expectation that two-wheelers will decrease in popularity as either country shifts to more electric options in the future.  

With that in mind, training more mechanics to work on electric two-wheelers is a smart move. That also helps to future-proof jobs for those mechanics, so they’ll be able to work on a broader range of vehicles that come into their shops. All in all, it’s a sound plan that will likely spread goodwill toward Hero Electric while also improving the electric vehicle infrastructure throughout India.  

HE isn’t stopping there, either. Since range anxiety is very real, it’s also been busy installing more charging stations throughout India. There, too, the goal is at least 20,000 stations. While it’s true that most people will have to adapt to slightly different patterns if they want to switch to EVs, that’s a whole lot easier to contemplate if you know you have somewhere close by to charge your scoot or bike.  

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