Back at the beginning of November, 2020, BMW introduced its #NEXTGen 2020 slate of vehicles. While most of its introductions were automobiles, the Bavarians took the opportunity to unveil the Definition CE-04 electric scooter. Currently, there’s not really much design-wise to compare it to, because BMW went all out in creating something different. 

At its introduction, BMW called it a “near-series version.” From the registered and fully published design documents that BMW filed with EUIPO on February 25, 2021, the company clearly wasn’t kidding. While these designs still don’t give us any information about what’s under all those body panels, they do show us the Definition CE-04 we saw in November, only looking just a little more road-legal. 

While the November introduction had headlight, front turn signals surrounding that headlight, and a taillight, it lacked a few other necessary bits to make it roadworthy in most jurisdictions. The design filings show an appropriate set of mirrors. There’s also a rear hugger that does dual duty, protecting would-be commuters from road grime kicked up by the rear tire, as well as providing a solid mounting point for a license plate bracket and rear turn signal assembly.  

Gallery: BMW Definition CE-04 Design Filings

As Dennis Chung over at noted, there’s also no center stand included in this design. If that is, in fact, how BMW chooses to manufacture it, that will be quite disappointing. Most maxi-scooters have center stands in addition to side stands, which are extremely helpful in certain parking and maintenance situations. Perhaps it will be offered as an option, though I’d hope it would just come with your new scoot. 

Now, when BMW introduced the Definition CE-04 design, they noted a sliding underseat cubby where you’ll be able to store items while riding. No mention was made about capacity, but visual observation made it seem like it wasn’t incredibly spacious.  

Since the battery is a flat unit located low-down in the scoot to help lower the center of gravity, you’d hope that would result in fairly capacious underseat storage. After all, that’s one of the big advantages of choosing most maxi-scooters, and one we’d hope would only get better due to new electric design possibilities. 

At this point, all we can say for sure is that BMW has officially registered these designs with EUIPO. What it does with them next, as well as when it chooses to do it, still remains to be seen. 

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