How does one even start a letter like this? Seriously, does anybody have any idea? Because I sure don’t. I promise I’ll try not to be too mushy. OK, maybe just a little... 

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been part of the RideApart crew for almost three years—more than two of which I’ve acted as Managing Editor. What a wild ride it’s been! Mainly for the right reasons, a little bit for the wrong ones.  

I’ve learned to become a better writer (debatable) (You have – JM), I’ve learned to become a better leader (also debatable) (Not for debate – JM), and I’ve learned to love motorcycles even more than I already did (undeniable). With the help of Director Jason and our crew of merry folks, we built RideApart up into one of the top-performing motorcycle websites in the U.S. I’m not just a little proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, I’m sinfully proud. And I know that there’s a lot more to come.  

Now, the mush: My time with RideApart is up. It's been the best gig in my career so far and I’m not closing this chapter without a bit (a lot) of sadness. I mean, who would ever complain about working with awesome people, riding cool bikes, and writing about them?  

I don’t know whether the grass will be greener where I’m going, but I've received an offer I couldn't refuse. I’m ready to take on new challenges and shake things up a bit.  

This is also an excellent opportunity to put someone new with a new outlook and new ideas at the helm and steer this ship in an exciting new direction. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see what’s next for the team.  

To you, the readers, I’ll say this: thank you. Yes, even to those who sent my angry e-mails about my story on Sturgis at the time of a pandemic—though I liked the ones who sent nice, long messages about their personal experience with motorcycles the best. You agreed and disagreed with me and made me want to be and do better, no matter how snarky you were about it.  

I’m leaving you guys in good hands. Jason, Janaki, Dustin, and Enrico are going to take good care of you all and continue to provide you with amazing content.  

Keep on riding and stay safe. I’ll see you guys around! 
 - Sabrina 

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