Heat is bad for brakes. Whether you’re an aggressive street rider, track day regular, or racer, chances are that you’ve felt the effects of brake fade. That spongey feeling at the lever doesn’t necessarily lead to confident, high-performance riding. For that reason, Brembo introduced the new SR compound brake pads that perform consistently in high heat and keep riders at the front.

The new SR pads replace Brembo’s SC compound and the sintered pads suit sport riding or those that are heaviest on the brakes. Providing a steady friction coefficient at high temps, the SR compound continues biting where the SC pads previously fell off. At 250° C (482° F), Brembo’s SC model dipped in performance while the new SC brakes maintain high friction characteristics all the way up to 400° C (752° F).

Brembo SR Compound Brake Pads - Graphs
SC Compound (Left, Blue) Vs. SR Compound (Right, Red)

While the new pads work well at track and speeds, the Stezzano-based brand made sure that it’s available to the road riders as well. The SR compound not only met ECE R90 homologation but also works well in wet conditions. Even in cold conditions, the new brake pads still perform well. The stable response and feel makes them suitable for everyday use, where temperatures and humidity can fluctuate drastically.

Brembo doesn’t hint at the new and improved sintered blend (that’s a recipe many a brake manufacturer would like to get its hands on), but the brand believes the reduced wear and responsive feeling “completely satisfies the needs of 'aggressive' motorcyclists.” We’re also unclear if Brembo will only offer the SR compound as an replacement or as a stock option on future models.

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