Snow days can look very different depending on where you live. For those of us who live in areas that get regular snowfall, it might be pretty, but not otherwise very special. From Friday, January 8, through Saturday, January 9, 2021, Spain received its single biggest snowfall since 1971. It reached 20 inches in a matter of hours in some parts of the capital city, Madrid.  

With the single largest snowfall of their lives so far, what do you think MotoGP racers and brothers Marc and Alex Márquez would do? Just like siblings and friends everywhere, the time was clearly right to go out and get silly—with motorcycles, costumes, and props, of course. The details might look different, but the fun of doing something extremely dumb and hilarious with your buddies is pretty universal. (Side note: why is “snowtercycle” not a word? It is NOW.) 


Why someone had an inflatable Minions costume just laying around is another question. Still, I mean, if it was you and you had to just work with the materials on hand, you’d probably do the exact same thing. Grab your trials bike, your warm gloves, and your Minion suit, and get snow drifting. Right? Right. Leave sledding, tubing, and snowmobiling to all the people who don’t happen to have a trials bike and an inflatable costume at their disposal.

While that Minion suit definitely isn’t the caliber of airbag suit that the Márquezes are used to racing in, weird and uncertain times call for taking as much fun as possible out of whatever you can do. If such an opportunity presents itself to you, the best bet is most likely to grab the handlebars, go for a ride, and get hung up in a small, snow-covered tree as you giggle hysterically. Don’t forget to bring a friend who can record the whole thing to throw on your social media channel of choice later!  

Photo: Marc Márquez on Instagram

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