It’s January, 2021, and you know what that means? No matter where you live, 2021 motorcycle models are on their way! American Honda just made its very first new model announcement to start the year off right, and it’s about a handful of changes for the world’s most famous touring bike. Let’s take a look at the 2021 Honda Gold Wing. 

As the ‘Wing has evolved over time, Honda continually focuses on dialing in the details that long-distance touring riders demand. Do they succeed? Well, that’s up to the riders, so you’ll have to tell us. What we can tell you is that for 2021, the Tour model gets a tour trunk with a 61-liter capacity. Honda says that’s 11 whole liters larger than the outgoing model, and that it can now comfortably fit two full-face helmets. Huzzah! 

Additional changes for your touring needs in 2021 are largely aimed at creature comforts while you’re out on the road. If you’re touring, I mean, shouldn’t they be? The new backrest on the passenger seat has been redesigned with a more relaxed angle, while also incorporating both a taller profile and thicker, more supportive foam. The seat also gets what Honda calls a “suede-like cover” with contrasting piping. It looks nice, and while we can’t say from experience that it’s also grippier, it looks like it could be.  

2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT in Metallic Black

The sound system gets upgraded 45-watt speakers, as well as what Honda says is an optimized automatic volume-adjustment level, standard XM radio antenna (!), and both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration. As well, the rear turn signals are now all red to streamline the aesthetics of that back end just a bit.  

Available 2021 colors are as follows: 

  • 2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour Air Bag DCT: Candy Ardent Red 
  • 2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT and Gold Wing Tour: Candy Ardent Red or Metallic Black 
  • 2021 Honda Gold Wing DCT and Gold Wing: Deep Pearl Gray 

MSRP for the 2021 models ranges from $23,900 for the no-frills Gold Wing up to $32,600 for the top-of-the-line Gold Wing Tour Air Bag DCT. All 2021 Gold Wings will hit Honda dealers across the U.S. sometime in February, 2021. If you’re curious about the particulars of the 2021 Gold Wing in other markets, your best bet is to contact your local Honda dealer to find the answers to any questions you might have. 


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