Back in January, 2019, we asked the question “What could a Kawasaki Meguro be?”. At the time, Kawasaki had filed a trademark for the name in the U.S. which prompted rumors of a revival.   

The trail had since gone cold and nothing ever came from the trademark. Not every patent and filing turns into something concrete so as exciting as the perspective was, the absence of any follow-up to the trademark wasn't much of a surprise. That was until now as Kawasaki breathes life back into the rumor.  

On November 13, 2020, Kawasaki posted a picture of a Meguro-branded W800 on its Facebook page. No description, no status, only a picture of a W800 sporting a Meguro badge. 


According to information dug out by Young Machine, the bike is identified as the Meguro K3—an appropriate naming convention that picks up where the 1965 Meguro K2 left off.  

If you’re unfamiliar with Kawasaki’s history, Meguro is pretty much half of the soul of the brand we know today. In 1964, Kawasaki Aircraft Industry and Meguro Manufacturing Company merged to become Kawasaki Motorcycle Co. At the time of the merger, Meguro already had 30 years of experience making motorcycles which lead to the production of the Kawasaki W1, the model that inspired the W800.   

That’s also why basing the first Meguro 2.0 bike on the W seems like the most natural choice for the group.   

Since Kawasaki recently announced it will spin off its motorcycle and power sports division, it could potentially be an opportunity to bring Meguro back as a heritage sub-brand. We’re only speculating since, frankly, we don’t know what the message behind the Meguro picture is, at least not yet. Young Machine says we'll likely see the bike as early as 2021. We’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for this one and report back as soon as we have more details.   

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