Honda’s small-capacity CBF125 has helped new riders learn the ropes since 2008. In 2015, Team Red replaced it with the CB125F (well, that’s not confusing, Honda). The major difference between the models lies in the fact that the CBF had a frame-mounted fairing while the CB opted for a fork-mounted unit. This time around, the CB125F is keeping its name but earns some key updates for 2021.

Lightweight motorcycles are best for beginners and Honda re-engineered the chassis to help the little learner bike shed 24 pounds. Coupling the 258-pound curb weight with the 31-inch seat height, and the CB125F is one of the most approachable platforms on the market.

2021 Honda CB125F - On-Road (Night)

Honda also revamped the air-cooled 124cc single to meet EURO5 specifications. The brand’s enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology reduced resistance and friction in the two-valve SOHC engine while simultaneously improving fuel efficiency and power output. The tiny thumper now manages 10.7 horsepower and 7.5 lb-ft of toque while reaching a maximum range of 490 miles on a 2.9-gallon tank.

“For us, benchmarks are important,” said Honda’s Large Project Leader Ken Tomiyasu. “So, we have set about a quiet revolution with our all-new CB125F, keeping its useful around-town performance but adding much greater fuel economy.”

2021 Honda CB125F - Parked
2021 Honda CB125F - On Road (Day)

On top of the engine and frame upgrades, the CB125F gains a center stand, LED headlight, digital dash, and updated bodywork for 2021. The new model also features a linked braking system that distributes braking pressure to the front end when the user applies the rear brake. A clear asset for new riders, the combined braking system links a two-pot caliper and 240mm single disk at the front with a 130mm drum brake at the rear.

Exclusive to Europe and , the CB125F will continue helping new riders get on two wheels. With the 2021 updates, the house Soichiro built is ensuring its place in the market for years to come.

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