If your favorite cover is black, this collab has you covered.

If you’ve been wishing Harley-Davidson and Rizoma would do a collaboration already, we have good news for you. Rizoma is known for its high-quality products, with excellent fit and finish—and it’s crafted some blacked-out billet aluminum accessories to fit a wide range of Harley-Davidson bikes.  

Is the only problem with your blacked-out bike that it just isn’t black enough? No worries, that’s why Rizoma’s added both Harley and Rizoma logos to these pieces in—get this—black on black. Turn it to view from an angle and you’ll see what you’re looking for. Rizoma’s focus is the unique visual texture, and as you can see in the photos, it definitely draws your eye. 

Choose from a set of hand grips, rider footpegs, passenger footpegs, or mirrors in the Harley-Davidson by Rizoma product line. Of course, you can always mix and match to best suit your bike’s aesthetic, upping your blacked-out game just a little bit more. The hand grips have a texturized rubber grip, while both the rider and passenger pegs were also designed to enhance your boot grip and confidence when using them. Besides having a neat shape, the mirrors feature an aspherical outer portion to enhance both rear and peripheral reflection, showing you more of what’s going on around you.  

Harley-Davidson Rizoma Mirrors and Grips
Harley-Davidson Rizoma Collection On Bike

The one accessory in this collaboration that only fits a single bike is a blacked-out charge door exclusively made for your LiveWire. This piece features a tiny silver bar and shield logo in a circle, approximately where a keyhole would be on a piston-powered bike. The logo is about as big as that keyhole would be, too—small and unobtrusive, but still unmistakably there.  

Prices range from $199.95 for the hand grips or LiveWire charge door, on up to $279.95 for a set of the mirrors. You can see all pricing, availability, and fitment information—as well as place any orders you want—via Harley’s online store. 

Source: Harley-Davidson 

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