Fans of the TVS Jupiter commuter scooter, your reliable daily rider just got better! The new Jupiter ZX Disc comes with a few nice developments to make your everyday life that much easier. No matter where you’re commuting throughout your day, these small changes will add up to make an overall more pleasant vehicle experience.  

Let’s start with the first one, which is right in the name: disc. While the regular Jupiter ZX has drum brakes, for just a little more money, the Jupiter ZX Disc gives you the added safety and security of disc brakes instead. That’s not all, though.  

This new Jupiter variant also proudly bears TVS’ new “i-Touch Start” feature, which is a one-touch start the company also bills as being nearly silent. No engine-cranking noise after you push that button, and it reputedly alleviates strain on your battery, as well. It might seem like a small thing, but think about how many times you start and stop your scoot throughout your daily life.

If you’re a delivery rider of any kind, you’re doing that even more. All that stress and strain can add up, so anything that saves a little bit of strain on your battery is probably a net positive. 
One other nice feature that will make your life easier on this scoot is its new all-in-one lock system. A new feature for the Jupiter ZX Disc, owners can now operate everything requiring a key with a single key. From the ignition to the steering lock to the gas cap, just one key does all the work—no need to worry about locating the correct individual key for each lock on your scoot. Again, it’s a small change, but one that will undoubtedly save owners time and stress in the future.  

The TVS Jupiter ZX Disc comes in your choice of Starlight Blue or Royal Wine colors, at a cost of INR 69,052, or about $930. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one in India, contact your local TVS dealer for more information. 

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