As the industry is gearing up for the Fall circus and the waltz of new model introductions, motorcycle manufacturers are setting the tone by first confirming which models are returning for 2021.   

While most bikes carry over unchanged, some companies take this opportunity to spruce up their selection of colorways and options. It’s the case for BMW that seems to have gotten a lot of homework done during the lockdown because the list of model updates and new optional equipment is substantial. There’s a lot to get through so grab your coffee and let’s get to it.   

Most of the models BMW “updated” for the new model-year have been significantly overhauled in recent years or are even brand-new to the lineup. What the House of Munich did is almost like a little cleanup, adding new standard and optional equipment and removing certain features. Yes, removing. Here’s the breakdown.

2021 BMW R 1250 RS


The 2021 BMW R 1250 RS gets a new Austin Yellow metallic paint with matte black frame livery while the Option 719 Stardust colorway offered in some markets (non-U.S.) drops off the list. Due to new European regulations regarding the ABS, the functionality that allowed the rider to completely turn the ABS off was removed. The sport-tourer also receives a new sports exhaust to replace the HP component.   

Now offered on the GS are Driving Modes Pro equipped with drag torque control and Core Screen Sport, Option 719 milled Shadow parts package with engine housing cover front & cylinder head covers anodized in black/silver, Option 719 milled Shadow II parts package with hand levers, rider footrests and foot lever, as well as expansion tank covers anodized in Black/Silver, and Option 719 milled Storm/Storm II parts package which offers the same component upgrade as the Shadow and Shadow II packages respectively.   

2021 BMW R 1250 R

On the 2021 BMW R 1250 R, a new Mineral Grey metallic paint scheme replaces the Pollux metallic matt, Style Exclusive, and Option 719 Stardust metallic colorways. The Red, Blue, and White color scheme dubbed Style HP is renamed Style Sport. The R also gets a new sports silencer (instead of “HP”).   

Like on the GS, the R’s optional Driving Modes Pro are now equipped with drag torque control and Core Screen Sport and the series of Option 719 milled parts package receive the same upgrades. The optional HP battery is replaced by an M power block (BMW is switching its HP performance brand over to M performance after all).   

2021 BMW K 1600 GT
2021 BMW K 1600 GTL
2021 BMW K 1600 B
2021 BMW K 1600 Grand America

The 2021 BMW K 1600 lineup which includes the GT, GTL, B, and Grand America trim levels, receives new standard reversing aid, daylight running and adaptive turning lights, and tire pressure control RDC while the formerly available safety package is dropped across the board.   
Each trim level gets a new choice of livery detailed as follows: K 1600 GT now available in Option 719 Mineral White metallic; K 1600 GTL now available in Manhattan metallic, Style Elegance, and Option 719 Mineral White metallic; BMW K 1600 B and Grand America now available in Mars Red metallic.   

The list of optional equipment now includes:  

K 1600 GT: engine protection bars, tour package now includes LED auxiliary headlights and engine protection bars.  

K 1600 GTL: engine protection bars, comfort package now includes engine protection bars.  

K 1600 B: touring package now includes LED auxiliary headlights, audio system, engine protection bars, running board with optional lockable storage compartment instead of running board, comfort package now includes shift Assistant Pro, keyless ride, central locking, alarm system while the additional LED headlight is removed from the list.   

K 1600 Grand America: comfort package now includes shift Assistant Pro, KR, central locking, alarm system while the additional LED headlight is removed from the list.  

2021 BMW S 1000 RR

The 2021 BMW S 1000 RR receives a selection of optional components including a sports exhaust and package, as well as a whole collection of M performance parts including a titanium exhaust system, milled parts package, clutch lever protector, brake lever protector, folding brake lever, folding clutch lever, engine protectors, rider footrest system left/right, endurance chain, and GPS lap trigger.   

2021 BMW S 1000 XR

For the new model-year, BMW’s supersport also gets a sleek new Black storm metallic livery.   
Like the RR, the 2021 BMW S 1000 XR is also offered with a choice of optional performance upgrades that include titanium sports silencer, M milled parts package, folding brake lever, folding clutch lever, engine protector left, rider footrests right/left, pillion passenger footrests right/left, endurance chain, and a USB charging port.   

The tour package now includes a USB charging port and a new luggage rack with an integrated holder for 8 and 13-gallon top case. The luggage rack is also available on its own.   

While the R 18 and F 900 R and XR are brand-new for 2020, BMW did update their respective list of options. For 2021, the R 18 is now offered with cruise control with steering damper while the F 900 twins now feature standard LED turn indicators for US-type key and an optional new activation concept for driving modes Pro.   

All the new additions to the models’ menu of standard and optional features will be available in the Fall of 2020.   

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