If you bought a new Suzuki V-Strom 1050, then you know what the next step is: time to buy some farkles. Not only will they protect your bike, they also address the primal urge to tinker, an affliction that seems to affect most adventure bikers. Thankfully, Italian aftermarket manufacturer Givi is here to help V-Strom owners scratch that itch with a line of new add-ons for Suzuki’s flagship ADV.

With the V-Strom line, your first purchase should always be a tough skid plate. Suzuki’s design leaves the spin-on oil filter hanging out in front of the engine, which is just asking for trouble in rocky, uneven terrain. Givi designed an aluminum skid plate for the 1050—with plenty of protection to the lower front and sides of the engine—but it’s not on the market yet. No doubt Givi is somewhat behind schedule on its 2020 accessories, after the coronavirus pandemic shut down Europe’s moto manufacturing sector.

It’s the same story for Givi’s 25mm steel crash bars—the factory hasn’t built them yet, nor has it built the radiator guard, pannier and top case mounting racks, and Tanklock tankbag mount. You’ll have to wait, but the good news is that these parts are coming. Just try not to smash your V-Strom up while you’re waiting to buy protection. Maybe, for the summer, stick to easy street riding.

As you’d expect, Givi’s new V-Strom pannier racks are designed to work with its Monokey hard luggage line, including the ADV-oriented Trekker Outback series and the V35 and V37 saddlebags. If you’ve already got those cases, you can fit them to the Strom with the new racks, or you can buy them on the used market to save a bit of cash, too.

Givi’s new 1050 V-Strom line also has spotlight mounting bars, a new windscreen, oversized sidestand foot, and splash guards as well. Even before production finished, Givi released pricing in some Euro markets, but if you’re in North America, you might be waiting a while for these accessories to show up. Find more details at Givi’s Italian website.

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