Are you scrolling endlessly through your video queues in search of something good to watch? Suffer scroll fatigue no more by checking out the inaugural Meta Film Exhibition, presented by motorcycle gear maker REV'IT! Watch some videos and vote for your favorite finalist so they (and possibly you) can win cool prizes! 

As of June 24, 2020, voting is down to the final four, out of an original pool of 16 films. You can watch the four finalists and vote for your favorite online at the official exhibition website, through June 29. On June 30, an overall winner will be chosen and announced.  

The four finalists were each winners of their respective categories within the festival, and have already won US $1,000 worth of REV'IT! Products for making it that far in competition. The overall winner will receive an additional $1,000 in REV'IT! products on top of that first prize.  
What can you win if you vote? Five voters will be chosen at random to win $500 worth of REV'IT! products each. No details are currently available about how film festival entrants or voters can choose products, but hey, who doesn’t want to win some new motorcycle gear?  

Quarterly motorcycle culture magazine Meta recently started building its YouTube channel, and this short film festival is a good way to kick things off. The longest entry is 11 minutes and 27 seconds long, so it’s very easy to watch a whole bunch of these short films in a few spare moments you find throughout your day, or queue them up and knock them out in a single block.  

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for more stuff to watch later. These shorts are perfect for waiting rooms, waiting in line, or just sitting around at home doing nothing. Even if you’re reading this after the contest is over, there are plenty of short, moto-focused films here to keep you entertained. 

Sources: REV'IT!Meta 

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