Spanish electric scooter maker Silence just released a new, more affordable model aimed squarely at commuters. Their first scoot, the S01, is also what automaker SEAT unveiled in November 2019 as its rebadged e-Scooter Concept. While that model introduced Silence’s unique take on a removable battery—a thing like a hard-sided suitcase that commuters could easily wheel indoors to charge—it also cost almost 6,000 euros (or US $6,744). Not superbike money, but also not exactly cheap.  

The S02 LS, by comparison, will go for 3,200 euros, or about US $3,597. That’s a significant savings, particularly if you’re the commuter niche that Silence hopes to reach with this introduction. The “LS” in the model name stands for “Low Speed,” and Silence claims that it tops out at 45 kilometers per hour, or just a hair under 28 mph. Claimed range is 55 kilometers, or 34 miles. It’s clearly intended for a very specific subset of commuters, but if you’re only rolling on city streets, this scoot may just be the thing. 

It can haul up to 170 kilograms, or just under 375 pounds in the combined weight of a rider, passenger, and stuff. It comes with a double seat, a 47-liter top box, a display and a smartphone dock that sits right underneath it, LED lighting, and of course that removable battery for ease of off-bike charging. It also comes with a battery-powered heater, to make your life a little easier on those brisker riding days. Finally, it also has a reverse gear to help you maneuver in tight spaces. 

Gallery: Silence S02 LS

600W on-board charging is available, or you can use a Schuko connector if you choose to wheel the battery away for off-bike charging. Three riding modes help manage your power while riding, with pretty self-explanatory names: City, Sport, and Eco. Like many electric scoots and bikes, it offers regenerative braking. It rolls on a 13-inch front wheel and a 12-inch rear, and features disc brakes all around.  

A non-LS version of the Silence S02 is also currently available as a fleet vehicle, intended for the likes of police forces and delivery riders. Silence currently sells its scooters in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. 
Source: Silence 

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