Have you ever wanted to see a really cool animation showing exactly how a motorcycle clutch works? If so, you’re in luck. The fine folks at the TeknoMechanics YouTube specialize in educational 3D animations that take extremely visual concepts and break them down for you in a clear, engaging way.  

The problem with learning about something like a clutch in, say, a classroom setting, is that just hearing a description about how it works doesn’t help nearly as much as hearing it and seeing it at the same time. If someone tells you about the pressure plate, friction plates, and steel plates, and then goes on to describe how the components of a clutch pack are situated, it makes approximately a zillion times more sense when you can actually see it working in front of you. 

Visualizing the relationship between the clutch basket, friction plates, steel plates, inner hub, and pressure plates greatly aids in understanding what’s actually going on when we pull and release the clutch lever. Whether you have a cable or hydraulic clutch installed, the end result is the same. Either way, your clutch lever action is just a way to get an actuator arm to rotatepush a pushrod, and release the pressure exerted by the pressure plate on the clutch pack, thus making your up and downshifts much smoother and easier to accomplish.  

This is a great video to keep in your back pocket for any time it comes in handy. Sure, awesome bike videos and cat videos are great, but YouTube can also be an excellent tool to help you learn some really cool and useful stuff. Thanks to TeknoMechanics and other channels like this for taking it upon themselves to create truly useful videos like this to share with and enlighten the world.  

Source: YouTube 

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