If you and at least one other riding buddy have ever ridden with Bluetooth helmet communications units, you already know what kind of difference it can make. Sure, we have hand gestures to warn each other about potential road hazards or upcoming turns (if someone’s turn signals aren’t working or visible), but it’s so much easier to say “Roadkill in the left lane!” or “Left on Archer.”  

That’s road use, but what about training situations, or motocross, arenacross, and supercross? It seems obvious if you take the time to think about it, of course. If you just hadn’t thought about it before, Cardo is out here showing the way.  

In the video, you can see Ricky Carmichael talking about the benefits of training the next generation of racers using Cardo Packtalk Bold units. It makes total sense, too. With a strong, reliable Bluetooth communications system, you can extrapolate to smart uses for all kinds of motorcycle training.  

If you’ve ever taken any kind of motorcycle courses before, you already know the biggest learning deterrent can be the constant stopping and starting. Most of us learn our bikes better when we’re doing things on them. Therefore, having your instructor in your ear telling you what to do without you having to stop makes an awful lot of sense. With a communications unit like this, it’s also easy for you to go “Oh, you mean do it like this?” and then demonstrate and get feedback right away.  

That should make it no surprise that Jetwerx, the company that produces the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown series in Canada, just announced a multi-year agreement with Cardo to provide comms units for its series from 2020 forward. The series features competition in arenacross, motocross, and supercross across Canada, where it’s also televised. Big and small teams alike will be using Cardo’s Packtalk Bold units to improve communication between the racers and their teams 

Car racers have long relied on pit communications to run races and communicate efficiently. It makes sense that motorcycle racers might start to do something similar. It’s starting in the dirt, but it will be interesting to see if this utilization starts to take off across other disciplines, once everyone gets out and gets racing again.  

Sources: YouTube, Cardo 

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