Das fast.

As with any models of Ducati Superleggera in the past, the one based on the Panigale V4 is absolutely spectacular with specs and a price to match. The exclusive model was unveiled in February, 2020, as the most powerful production bike to ever roll out of Borgo PanigaleDucati has since released a series of videos showing the new Superleggera V4 in action but this latest one is the best yet as it shows the ludicrous speed the test rider manages to reach on the bike. Hold on to your bonnets.  

To say that the Superleggera V4 “goes fast” is an understatement. It uses the same 998cc, V4 Desmosedici Stradale engine as the Panigale V4 R, paired with an Akrapovič exhaust that boosts its output to a massive 234 horsepower to propel a teeny tiny weight of 335 pounds dry. For reference, that’s 13 horsepower more powerful and 44 pounds lighter than the RThis results in a power-to-weight ratio of 1.41 hp/kg which is an impressive fraction to achieve. Nowthis all looks good on paper but how does it actually translate on the tarmac? We now know.  

The latest video Ducati published that features the Superleggera shows us the bike taking a few laps around the track in Portimão. The whole thing looks like ego stroking until we get a brief look behind the windscreen, showing us that the rider is pushing the bike at 307 km/h (or 190 mph in American). 190. If that’s not enough to get your inners tingling, consider this: the bike isn’t even red-lining. The shot shows the rpm gauge tickling the 15,000 mark with a redline seemingly set at around 16,500-17,000. Whew.  

Combine the bike’s good looks and performance abilities with the admittedly delightful exhaust note used in the soundtrack and I feel more excited about this bike than I ever thought I would. For all of us stuck inside, here’s our little dose of (vicarious) adrenaline for the day.