Pitting a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 against a BMW G 310 GS in a drag race might not exactly seem like a fair challenge, at first. Even as bone-stock machines, there’s a clear power discrepancy between the two. So, what happens next? This video is mostly in Hindi, but since drag racing is its own international language, you’ll probably enjoy it no matter what you speak. 

Motovlogger KSC Vlogs likes to pit bikes against one another, no matter how well-matched you might think that the two of them are. For example, one video pits a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 against a Thunderbird 350X for a more even-handed comparison. The video we’re talking about today, though, is not nearly as evenly matched. 

Let’s talk about weight, for a start. According to Royal Enfield, a stock Interceptor 650 weighs 202 kilograms, or 445 pounds—and that’s a dry weight, not a curb weight. Meanwhile, the BMW G 310 GS weighs 374 pounds, fully fueled and ready to go. 

There’s a not-insignificant power difference to consider, as well. The G 310 GS makes a claimed 34 horsepower at 9,500 rpm, as well as 21 lb-ft of torque at 7,500 rpm. Meanwhile, the Interceptor 650 makes a claimed 47 horsepower at 7,250 rpm and 38.35 lb-ft of torque at 5,250 rpm. 

None of that answers what either bike is like to ride, of course. It also doesn’t tell you how they sound, which this video does. Both bikes sound quite good, and as usual, I would advise grabbing your favorite pair of headphones before you take five or so minutes to watch this tale as old as time and see what happens. 

If you don’t hate spoilers, I’ll just tell you: Two drag races yield the results you’d probably expect. Still, it’s one thing to suspect something, and another to actually see and hear it as it happens in front of you. Both bikes still look super fun to ride, and I’d gladly take either of them out for a day. 

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