As we roll through the holidays, more and more people find the inspiration to give back to our local communities in some way. The Rogue Valley chapter of the Brother Speed Motorcycle Club, located in Oregon, is one such group. On its second-annual Turkeys and Toys Run, the group raised $6,000 for families and kids in need. 

Coordinating with the local Wal-Mart, the BSMC donated 47 turkeys and purchased carts full of toys to help those less fortunate during this cold, icy time of year. Wal-Mart also donated an additional gift card to the club to purchase even more toys. Local news station KOBI5 reported that all the toys are going to St. Vincent De Paul, to make lives a little brighter this holiday season. 

The larger BSMC group, which has multiple chapters, has been doing toy runs in its local communities for over 20 years. Giving back is a tradition that has spread from chapter to chapter. The Rogue Valley chapter told KOBI5 that it hopes to raise $10,000 to fund its toy run next year, and plans to continue expanding its giving efforts year on year. 

Of course, BSMC is far from alone in giving back to local communities this time of year. Chicago just celebrated its 42nd annual Toys For Tots run on December 1, 2019—and there are plenty that go back even further, all around the country. 

If you’re looking for a local toy run to participate in, a quick Google shows at least four toy runs around the country that are scheduled to happen between today and Christmas 2019. 

Knowing Google, there are also probably plenty of additional events that this search didn’t turn up. If you know about any, feel free to tell us about them in the comments. Let your fellow riders know details so they can participate if they’re in the area. 

Sources: YouTube, KOBI5

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