There’s an increasing number of rumors surrounding the Bajaj and Triumph partnership. The two companies have yet to sign a formal agreement—a step that’s expected to be completed this month—but that hasn’t kept them from moving forward with their collaboration. While the specifics of what each manufacturer will bring to the table haven’t been officialized, we know that the first bikes are expected to hit the market in the next two years. Now, we learn a little more about the partnership, including how the bikes are expected to be marketed. 

In an interview with Mint, Paul Stroud, chief commercial officer, Triumph Motorcycles Ltd apparently confirmed that the motorcycles that will result from the Bajaj and Triumph partnership will sport the British triangle badge rather than the Bajaj one—even in India. According to the Indian media, Stroud commented that “It will be a Triumph branded motorcycle all through and therefore, it will be part of the Triumph range in India. They would be sold through the Triumph dealerships in India.” 

Chances are the plan could be the same for the rest of the world as Triumph has apparently every intention of selling the new models on other markets, including in the U.S. Since the manufacturer is already established in most countries, selling the new Bajaj-built models through the House of Hinckley dealership network could facilitate their global distribution. 

Stroud also mentioned that the first few prototypes are ready and that they look really good. Bajaj Auto managing director Rajiv Baja also gave the prototypes the green light and the prototypes have apparently already started being tested. This update comes only a few weeks after Bajaj himself confirmed that the first 400 to 800cc (or 250-750cc depending on the sources) models were being developed. 

Rumor has it that the first model expected to come from the Bajaj and Triumph collab will be an Avenger 400 derivative armed with a middle-range engine and likely rebranded to fit the Triumph lineup, in light of the new information. 

A number of sources point to a 2022 target for the first Bajaj-Triumph motorcycles. 

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