Kymco is going hard on its NEX electric two-wheeler family. Nowhere was this more evident than during its announcement at EICMA 2019, where the Taiwanese company unveiled yet another impressive electric motorcycle concept. The twist: It’s got a six-speed gearbox! 

It’s still completely a concept, with no announcements of future production plans in sight at this time. However, most of what we can see, we like. The styling is sporty, naked, and modern. As the pre-EICMA teaser video first hinted, Kymco confirms in the newer video above that it’s using some kind of sound generator to give a good howl to this bike.

According to the video above, it will have rider modes to help manage your power more effectively. I’m not sure what the difference between “Assertive Mode” and “Bold Mode” will be, but it is still just a concept—which means that Kymco could change to clearer naming conventions should this bike go into production. If it doesn’t, well, hopefully there will be a clear explanation about what each mode entails closer to that time. 

This video does exactly what a video about a concept is supposed to do: Get you excited about this bike, and want to see it come to market. Since it’s part of the NEX family, will it work with Kymco’s ioNEX swappable battery system? We don’t know for sure, but it’s not a bad guess. 

Even though this bike is firmly still in the concept stage, watching this video a few times makes me feel like I’ve learned more about this concept bike than I have about at least one other two-wheeler that’s allegedly slated for production soon. Also, I totally want to ride this thing if I ever have the opportunity. Kymco folks, you did good. 

Here’s hoping that a production version of the Kymco RevoNEX a) happens soon, and b) is reasonably similar in appearance to what we’ve seen above. 

Source: YouTube

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