They make it look so easy.

Medical emergencies are stressful, even when they’re your job. If you live in the Netherlands, though, you should feel extremely lucky. As this video demonstrates, Dutch police apparently have the training and skills to make escorting an ambulance through city streets to a hospital look exceedingly smooth and easy.

This team, riding trusty BMW K1600GTs, seamlessly guides an ambulance through the streets of Leiden. As home to nearly 125,000 residents, it’s by no means a gigantic city—but as all of us can probably attest from personal experience, sometimes getting even small amounts of traffic to cooperate can be not unlike herding cats. 

Hats off to these officers, for sure. Through their smoothly coordinated efforts, teams like this routinely speed the myriad lifesaving measures that ambulance drivers perform as a matter of course. This is exactly what you’d want to happen, should you ever find yourself in a life-threatening medical situation and in dire need of help. 

Just think about all the times you’ve witnessed traffic blatantly disregard ambulances as they try to fight their way through to any nearby hospital in your area. It’s easy to see what a good idea a police escort like this is, and how this is an incredibly important way for officers to protect and serve their local populations in times of urgent need. 

Even more obviously, this is a job that can only be done by expertly trained motorcycle officers. Cars or SUVs wouldn’t be anywhere near as efficient as these BMW police bikes. Riding is different everywhere, but it makes decisions like this one from St. Paul, Minnesota in February 2019 to disband its motorcycle cop unit because of safety concerns seem even more wrongheaded. 

Sometimes, a bike is unequivocally the right tool for the job—and this Dutch moto cop escort video demonstrates that in the clearest possible way.

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